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Advisors share their personal experiences leading to the success they are having using the Retirement Analyzer.


Clients describe how working with a Retirement Analyzer advisor simplifies the process to a point where they understand their plans.

The RA is the most valuable agent tool in the marketplace today. It helps our agents provide solutions instead of pushing products. This software gives our agents the competitive edge and is a must for anyone trying to build their business.

Cody Foster, Founder Advisors Excel, Kansas

I’ve enjoyed using the RA software for a few years now. Since I have been doing so, I have noticed that it constantly evolves and improves. After 35 years in the business, I can honestly say that I have never worked with a tool as comprehensive, relevant, and useful.

Peter K. Texas

Retirement Analyzer

$80 monthly or $912 annually

In today’s fast paced world, your selection of software solutions can have a profound effect on your rate of success. Thomas Gold has designed an end to end solution, wrapped around the Retirement Analyzer financial planning software. Most make quick work of getting acclimated to RA, especially when you couple it together with our second to none support, here to answer questions and guide you along the way.

Create and share financial plans while modeling any type of financial strategy, to help better a retirement picture. Your clients will appreciate the understanding generated from the simplicity of the plans you provide. Give clients access to their very own client portal, where they can view their current plan, relevant financial statements and store important financial documents and information in a secure location.

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Training Options To Fit Your Needs

Power Hour


Daily assistance with specific cases you are working on. Share your file, and work collaboratively with us to make sure you are ready for an upcoming appointment. Our experienced staff is waiting to assist you.

Success in 60


Group discussion on issues advisors face today. Topics can include prospecting, onboarding, providing value through monthly expense analysis, asset draw down, taxation strategies and legacy planning.

C3 Complete


In depth training to help you become ultra-organized using your C3 CRM. Meetings occur once per week, where we drill down into a different area of C3, going through data entry and answering any questions.

Virtual Track

$299 One Time Fee

Fast moving, high quality planning process training. Attendees get a thorough overview of RA functionality while working through 5-6 case studies and have an opportunity to present one of their own to the group.

Admin University

$299 One Time Fee

Learn valuable data entry techniques from the best of the best. Our Thomas Gold support team provides 8 hours of in depth training, including a case study and a final exam.

Sector Sessions


A 45-minute monthly drill down into a specific area of RA. Examples are used to help advisors understand data entry and effective presentation techniques, to help generate better client understanding.

Brooke and Steve. Thanks for all your hard work during the Phoenix training. I can highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn the software, but more importantly provide their clients with information no other agent can provide.

John F. Arizona

Thomas Gold Solutions created a fantastic web based software program for our Advanced Market Department. They offer first class customer service and really went the extra step to help us develop a program that exceeded our expectations.

Mark D. Florida


9 To Know

$29 Monthly

E Deck Presentation platform

$45 monthly

Our new E Decks or Education PowerPoint Slide Decks are designed to help you take detailed financial concepts, and simplify them to a point where your audience will understand. Presentations slides are written in a logical order and build through introducing a concept, discussing when to use a strategy and a call to action to help you schedule initial appointments with new prospects.

  • Branded presentation with your logo and company colors.
  • Speaking notes per slide, presentation coaching.
  • Updates and new presentations provided annually.
  • Use in seminars, classroom teaching or in your office.
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$99/monthly or $1,128 annually

A financial plan has many moving parts and so does your practice. C3 is designed and developed to help you manage these moving parts, create efficiencies and help you get ultra organized.

As part of our end-to-end solution, C3 is highly integrated with Retirement Analyzer and both can seamlessly trade information to help streamline your workflows.

Experience the power of data mining and how DataTrak can open the door to new opportunities to help you become more successful. C3 makes it easy to generate any type of simple or detailed report using ReportBuilder. Auto generation of special event emails can be set up using EmailBuilder.

In this day and age, if you find yourself entering the same data more than once, it might be time to check out C3.

Just ran our first tax workshop ...41 attendees...20 appts, thank you!!! Knocked it out of the park!!!!

Janet P. Washington

I just went to the Phoenix Bootcamp. This will change my practice BIG time. Thank you, Brooke and Steve!!

Nancy F. Arizona

Nationwide Bootcamps

16 Hours Over 2 Days - $349

Find you learn better in person? Thomas Gold RA Bootcamps are presented quarterly throughout the country. 16 hours of intense training over two days, fast moving, working breakfasts and lunches, as we train you on our end to end process. Specific areas included are prospecting, onboarding, plan creation, client access, annual reviews, and archiving.

We’ve received stellar feedback from many attendees who feel that time spent in an RA bootcamp was time well spent. They are ready to take what they’ve learned and put it to work as soon as they return to their offices. Learn how to take advantage of all that Retirement Analyzer has to offer, attend one of our sessions, you will not be disappointed.

For Clients

Help your clients become part of the planning process with their very own client portal. The client portal is written logically, so your client can easily understand the numbers shown, and all that goes into creating and monitoring their financial plan. The portal also gives advisors and clients the opportunity to quickly set up recorded meetings, where a screen share can be used to answer any and all client questions.

  • Highlight relevant numbers using the client dashboard.
  • Provide net worth, beneficiary, and cash flow statements.
  • Client Docutracker safely stores important documents.
  • Help your clients become financially organized.


Software & Upgrades

Support & Training

Thank you both for the boot camp in Orlando! I've used RA 3 times since I've returned and have had huge sales all 3 times. I closed a case for $250,000 in managed money and $500,000 in annuities. Previously, I wrote $250,000 in annuities and a huge life case worth about $30,000 in commission. I just can't believe the success that I'm having with this and I'm so thankful for your help!

Kelley P. Florida

The team at Retirement Analyzer offers the finest, most personalized customer support of any software provider with which I am aware. They are extremely competent, readily available, very patient and an absolute joy with which to work.

Jim H. Arkansas

Support & Service

Our Support and Service means everything to us, and you will witness this on your first call to our Powerline, which is open from 7am – 4pm CT each business day. Our courteous staff know every nook and cranny of our software solutions and are more than willing to help you get acclimated as quickly as possible. They will provide you with the answers and direction you need to help you get the most from all of our software solutions.

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Our Team

In 2010, Steve Goldstein teamed with partner Brooke Thomas to purchase Cravens & Associates and form Thomas Gold Solutions. Steve and Brooke continuously develop software solutions, with an eye on the simplicity necessary to generate both advisor and client understanding.

Our goal from day one has been to provide you with cutting edge software solutions along with second to none training and support, all designed to help you get the most from working with us.

We understand the speed of business today and how quickly you might need answers. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a high powered team of software experts, some who have various agent or advisor licenses, to answer your questions quickly, so you can spend your time helping your clients to a better retirement.

Stephen Goldstein


Brooke Thomas


Cheryl Kalish

Quality Control Lead

Danielle Goldstein

Software Specialist

Kelly Crowley

Software Specialist

Maria Pena

Software Specialist

Linda Barmes

C3 Specialist

Lori Dupre

C3 Specialist

Laura Turner

C3 Specialist

Just wanted to take a quick moment in our busy lives to say thanks for all the training and efforts you folks invest into the RA, and us advisors whose lives and practices are enriched through your efforts.

Rene C. California

Talk about service!!! Steve was kind enough to give me some personalized attention after the webinar last week, and my understanding of the software improved exponentially. Every time I interact with your team, I get better. THANK YOU ALL!

John R. Florida

Retirement Analyzer History

Chuck spent 30 years as a high level insurance producer, helping clients understand retirement planning. Back in 1978, Chuck was one of the first to recognize that use of a computer and a specialized software program, would play an important role in creating understandable financial plans for clients.

Chuck & Pam Cravens founded Cravens & Associates in 1985 for the purpose of creating a proprietary financial planning software program. Their dream was to develop a program that could help many and be understood by all.

Chuck took his 30 years of industry experience and used it to create a comprehensive yet easy to understand software program called the Retirement Analyzer (RA). RA helps users build their business while promoting client understanding.

In keeping with Chuck & Pam’s dream, Thomas Gold Solutions continues to grow and prosper as we help agents, broker dealers, advisors, and financial organizations increase business and become more successful. Today, the program is being used across the nation by some of the most respected agents, advisors, and financial organizations.

Chuck Cravens Cravens & Associates
chuck wife
Pam Cravens Cravens & Associates

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